Writing Starters

Writing Starters

Sometime in the past few years, I began seeing Starters on restaurant menus. Instead of Appetizers. Fine. Tomato/tomahto—appetizers/starters.

New from Touchwood Press, Writing Starters: Appetizers for Your Brain gives you 52 prompts to get you writing.

Organized into four 13-Starter volumes, Writing Starters probes your Memories, Experiences, Opinions, and Self-Perceptions to help you generate new ideas for your novel, memoir, biography, poetry, or catharsis.

The path to creative writing output is often littered with false starts, failed self-tests (Is this really worth the time and effort?), and blocked paths that looked great yesterday. We offer Writing Starters as help in time of need. These pages contain fuel to feed your little gray cells and get you thinking. They may be just what you need to get your writing out!

A few starters to get you started:

  • Memories: Write a thank you letter to your favorite teacher.
  • Experiences: It was a dark and stormy night. Eek! Provide details.
  • Opinions: Does money really make the world go around?
  • About You: Introvert or Extrovert? Can you relate?

Get a copy and let it whet your appetite.

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