About Us

Touchwood Press is an independent book publisher working with independent and contracted authors. We publish books under the Touchwood Press imprint or under an author's own name, at their discretion.  We have more than 30 years of experience using print, print-on-demand, audio, and digital media to publish fiction and nonfiction works for authors, businesses, and organizations. We help authors get published and organizations transform intellectual property assets into profitable revenue.

Look to Touchwood Press for coaching, strategy, editing, production, and marketing services to fit your situation.

Today, it's relatively inexpensive and easy, but not simple, to see your content in print and available to a global audience. But where to begin? How does a writer become a successful author and publisher, whether you measure success in terms of self-satisfaction or in international sales and book awards?

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About the publisher

Mike McCandless is the founder and publisher of Touchwood Press. He has worked in and around book publishing since the mid-1970s, first doing research leading to major-publisher mergers and acquisitions. Then he learned about how books are made and sold as the production coordinator for a large U.S. textbook publisher. Later, while a marketing executive with tech companies and nonprofits, he founded two successful publishing business units and self-published his first book in 1994. He holds a book publishing certificate from the Stanford Professional Publishing program. Mike developed the Publish-It-Yourself Workshop to help adult learners succeed in self-publishing, and he founded Touchwood Press to coach writers and provide publishing services using traditional and the latest digital print-on-demand tools.

Email Mike at mmcc@touchwoodpress.com.